10 Jun 2014

Eighteen months ago, we won a prestigious grant from Sightsavers, a major UK based organization. Of 477 proposals for its Innovation Fund, ours was one of only 13 selected. The idea we had was to provide community-based followup care for children with developmental disabilities whom we had assessed at Gubbara. Our goal was to empower parents Continue Reading →

16 Nov 2013

  The Home Management Program at Karuna Vihar is for families who live too far away from Dehradun for their children to attend every day, or for whom there is no vacancy at the moment. These families come once a month and are given a tailor-made program to follow at home. Each month when they Continue Reading →

16 Nov 2013

    Reading time! Kids love stories and picture books are the perfect “hook” to introduce them to the world of reading. It’s a gradual process as children begin to understand a story first visually, and later conceptually. Lavanya, a Karuna Vihar student, is fascinated by the pictures in her story book. There’s plenty of Continue Reading →

13 Nov 2013

Another reflection from Anuradha Pandey.   Kritika Rawat spends time by herself at the end of a class drawing a beautiful picture of a butterfly on a flower. This is when the kids express their thoughts and feelings through paint, clay and craft. This is the time when kids should not be disturbed because this Continue Reading →

13 Nov 2013

Anuradha Pandey is interning with the Foundation from November through mid-December. A student at Symbiosis in Pune, she is studying Media, Design and Communication. For her own documentation, she is taking a series of photos and doing a little story to go with each one. I have edited the text slightly. The photo credits are Continue Reading →

13 Nov 2013

“On The Inside” is a new series we are starting for volunteers, interns and consultants to share their experiences while at the Foundation. These stories will be featured here on the News page and you can expect a wide range of interesting glimpses behind the scenes at all of our centres. Watch this space! The Continue Reading →

05 Oct 2013

The Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK: National Child Health Program) had to begin somewhere. Someone had to come up with it; someone had to have had a dream – a vision of a national program which would screen every single child in the country for anything that might prevent that child from reaching her full Continue Reading →

20 Sep 2013

One of the most important things organizations like ours have to do is to review our own work – critically, dispassionately and objectively. We have to analyze what we are doing, ask ourselves hard questions, challenge our own assumptions and figure out how we can do better. Because what we are doing matters. It makes a Continue Reading →

13 Sep 2013

Sakshi and Moy Moy. Those two girls – young women now – are inextricably linked with the history of the Foundation. They were the first students at Karuna Vihar, the only ones who turned up on opening day, though we had gone into the highways and byways to try and fill the place for the Continue Reading →