The Skinny

I saw this woman at a conference in Delhi last weekend. I was pretty sure I knew her, but I couldn’t be positive. She looked so familiar, yet something was different. I took her photo (I was photographing everyone, so it wasn’t that [...]

Rules for Life with Moy Moy

If you could go back to the day you got the diagnosis about your child, what would you tell yourself? What do you know now that you wish you’d known then? A letter to my younger self – 25 years ago Dear Jo Jo, Buckle your seat belt. That [...]

Little Things Mean A Lot

Building a fire last night, I got an infinitesimally tiny splinter in my right hand. By morning it was swollen and red. I removed it awkwardly using my left hand to ply the needle. I could not BELIEVE that something so small could cause so much [...]


Today I did a writing workshop for a small group of the Foundation’s staff. They were eager and engaged students and the session flew by. We discussed grammar, spelling and punctuation; the importance of clarity and brevity and the urgent [...]

A Friend and a Beacon

When my parents were my age (I am 56), they bought sympathy cards in bulk. Every time I visited them, they had either just gone to a funeral or were just about to go to a wake. It seemed as if everyone they knew was dying. I feel as if I have [...]

Being Cold in India

It doesn’t snow here in Dehradun. Our coldest day this week was 37 F (that’s a little under 3 Celsius) and with a daughter in Chicago (6 F; – 14 C) and a son in Boston (25 F; – 4 C), I know enough not to complain. Except! [...]

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