Impartial Calendar Praise

I am so lucky to have a friend like Peter Phun. We met online several years ago when, in despair about some photos from my niece’s wedding which I had inexplicably lost, I posted on a photography forum and he rode in on his white steed to [...]

You Can Donate Online!

Sometimes, impulsive is just what you want to be. You read a story that tugs the heart strings – oh, like this one, for instance. Or this. Or maybe this. And then you think: how can I support what’s happening here? How can I help [...]

Calendar Tour, Part Two

I’ve been so busy sending calendars out (hand-written notes on the hundreds of letters we send with them – my hand grows withered and shaky by the end of each year) I haven’t had the time to post the second half of the 2012 [...]


I like auspicious days. Not the kinds which the Pandit anoints with special powers, nor the ones when the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. The ones I like gain their importance from association and coincidence – a [...]

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