Habits are Powerful

Little things mean a lot. The “keystone species” theory proves it. A keystone species is one whose presence is crucial to a particular ecosystem and whose destruction can damage it irreparably. Keystone species are seldom the ones we think of. [...]

Squad of White Haired Women

Walking back to work after lunch today, I saw a young chap on a motorbike notice a young woman. He scoped her out carefully, oblivious, of course, to the fact that I even existed, let alone that I was watching him. He drove past her, then turned [...]

Don’t grieve for me . . .

My friend Joan Hornsby is dying. For all I know (I am in India. She is in Fall River, my childhood home), she may already be gone. I’ve been thinking about her constantly for the past few days. It’s harder than it seems to think of [...]

A Different Diamond Today

The Latika Roy Foundation’s brother organization is the Peoples Science Institute – one of India’s best-known and most respected organizations in the field of environment, water resource management and disaster preparedness and [...]

Searching for Diamonds

A few days ago, we got news from a major, major funder that one of our most important projects would no longer be supported, and with almost immediate effect. There was a logic to the decision, but it was a blow from out of nowhere and we spent [...]

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